Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What is going on during night?

 $5+ patrons already know it because this idea comes from a discussion post of this tier and patrons who have already played the last version can suspect it.

Patrons and other people been asking us a lot to add more fetishes like furry, futa, tentacles… But lot other people asked us to not do it because they already liked the direction of the game.

After this discussion in the $5+ tier we decided to implement a way to try to have everyone happy.

During night, not always but often, some more fetishes will appear. This events will also have a warning text with the option to leave so those people who wants to avoid this events can do it. Warnings like, “There is a poster with the text Furry club. Should Elana enter? yes/no” or “There is  a woman with a huge bulge in her panties. Should Elana go talk to her? yes/no. 

Hope you are having a great week! 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


"So... You have returned"

Monday, October 16, 2017

Side story sketch comics

Ok, sketch comic will be a thing. After asking our $10+ patrons if it could be a good reward (as always done out of the regular work time of the project), some of them told us this could also be a good thing to be included in the game and, after think about it, we agree.

So, once in a while but not in a regular term (for example, not necessary once every month or every two months), we'll publish this comics as rewards for $10+ patrons but after some time or once the chapter is finished, we'll include this side story comics in the game to be unlocked.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Comic series?

Yesterday Root was doing a couple of sketches that ended up being a side comic of the story of Elana, Champion of lust. 

It’s been fully published for our $10+ patrons, but it you have interest on it, we warn you, it’s an sketch short comic (9 pages) and if any time we do more it will stay this way, short and sketched because it will be work aside of the project during our free time.

Here is a little preview.

Tales from the island 1: Large magic.

“These two students from the academy don’t know yet but they have formed one of the first romantic couples on the island in thousands of years.

The other day, since the archmage is no longer in the academy, one of them found an interesting  spell in his office. This night she’s decided to test it…"

Fan art section

Opening fan art section!

You ever felt like drawing something related with Elana, Champion of lust?

If you did or think on doing it... Tell us! We love fan art and we'll publish it here and in our Tumblr.

Opening section with this two amazing arts (we've seen a couple more but we didn't been able to find them again :S if you are one of the artist of it and you want us to publish it tell us and we'll be very happy to do it ^^)

Elana champion of lust FA
By themightyCaolf

¡VIVA LA REVOLUCION! (Champion of lust)
                                                  by Luigitheman20 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Villager: But… But you said trick or treat… And I gave you candies…
Rala: *SLURP* *GLUP* Raisins are not candies! You sick crook! These Werewolf seem satisfied to you with your “candies”?! *SLURP*
Lily:  I’m not satisfied! I’m a good girl!
Aly: I… Am… NOT! YUM!
Villager: AGHh! Careful!
Kaeryn: Enough complains. We gave you a choice. You chose. Now you pay.
Jane: Could you… Could you at least close the curtains?
Rala: *SLURP* Oh! Cut the shit, fake witch! Standing there with your prudery. You are looking forward to join but you have to stand there giving the speech to feel superior or something. Join or leave.

Elana: Leave her alone, Rala. You know she’s shy. Maybe she just want to watch and masturbate. And you! What’s wrong? Shall we stop or what?

Villager: Um… Well… The thing is… No… But you said trick or treat and…

Elana: THEN SHUT UP MORTAL! Your essence now belongs to me and I’ll make sure to suck every last drop of it! MUHUHAHAHA!

Knot Games team wish you unsuspected, healthy, happy and very dirty porn situations this Halloween.

Have a happy Halloween!
(We know it’s a little early but you know how this things works this days. We could be wishing merry christmas and it would be late for some people :P)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Exclusive arts

This time with an extra from Xanazz.  
Uncensored image added for $10+ patrons and one old exclusive art it's been added to the "Old exclusive art released" section.     "You must prove your value if you want to be part of the pack"   

"So... Little mortal... You came looking for a treasure?"