Monday, April 23, 2018

Animation week

This week Root will be focusing on animations. Today he'll work on a lot of sketches for animation polls and the rest of the week on doing at least a couple of animations (if everything goes well an exclusive animation too).

Have a nice week!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Tavern management

We are working on the tavern management. Once fully finished you'll be able to condition this areas, hire people to work, purchase new dresses for them, increase their salary... Everything you purchase will attract more or less people, will make the people pay more or less but also add maintenance, bribes to pay... We'll also add bad events and security guards to prevent it.

Beside the extra images and the gameplay this means, the function of the tavern will be rise enough money to pay for a war and an important dance. There will be ways to recruit troops and get the dance stuff without paying money but only if you do the right decisions during the story or find the right events. This way there is still a way to rise a lot of money without spending a lifetime stealing from the villagers :P

Here are some of the designs so far.

Monday, April 9, 2018

The rest of the March exclusive and rewards news.

We just released the pending exclusives from march.

· "Need a ride?" from Root (available for 10$+ patrons)
· "Elana on the beach" from Haze Om (available for 10$+ patrons).
· "Morrow free love" from U53ful 1d1o7 (available for 5$+ patrons).
· "Jane, sperm bank nurse" from U53ful 1d1o7 (available for 5$+ patrons).
Also we have to announce some adjustments on the exclusives and the rewards. As you could see, the funding of the project has descended a little but we kept the workers and collaborators from milestones reached (with some adjustments through polls). Now we were reaching a point where we could face some difficulties and we decided to do a little readjustment. When we reached the 10,500$ milestone we started to work with Berserk, who works translating and helping with the code. Now we are quite under the milestone but since he has proved to be very useful for the project we opt to keep him. Because of this, at least for the moment, Haze Om will stop doing more exclusives and battle sketches (there are some battle sketches unpublished yet though). We have readjusted the milestones so, if we reach 9,500$ again, he'll be back to it.

Hope you'll understand.

Also we made a poll about the exclusive arts from Root and from now on,  he'll do one exclusive animation instead of two images (some months maybe an sketch comic).

Have a nice week!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Alpha 1.5 of chapter 2 for patrons and alpha 1.4.6 public release (on Monday 9)

 Hi everyone!
This month, as we said, we'll do two close releases. Today we release a version with some story events and next week we'll release another one with the tavern management more finished (it needs a high amount of images and some will not be finished, but the upgrades you can buy, people you can hire, dresses and such will be done).

So, next week alpha 1.5.1 ^^

· All text already included in the game revised (Could still be some typos but we'll do another check when we'll reach beta stage).
· Added the room in the church, which starts the chain of the caoticus anonymous and the chain of the church of Elana with 4 images. You can find a places for the acolytes of the church of Elana paying for the reformation of the tavern but there is nothing to do with it yet.
·Added one event to upgrade the tavern to be able to manage it. It appears once you have completed the events of the innkeeper and now just opens a board where you can see the management settings but it doesn't work (next week).
·Added two events to start the wild people area but the area it's not included yet.
·Now once you have finished the chain of the innkeeper in the tavern, he appears in the renegades village and opens the area of the war camp with 2 images and 6 observing events. To move forward with the events to inspire the troops, Elana will need to find a book in the castle to learn new songs and dance with an elf in the elven city to learn to dance better but now there is no images there. In future it will be a way to need less troops to recruit for the war against demons.
·In the war camp you will find the singular character Jenara (sponsored by Vince77). With 3 events, 2 images and 1 animation but also the singular character Cliff with 3 events and 2 images. Both with it's standing animations and both will have at least 2 more events in chapter 2 in future.
· Added 3 images for observing events in the elven city.

Content summary: 
· 13 images.
· 3 animations (2 of them standing animations for singular characters).
· About 20 new events (with about 10,500 words). 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Jenara animation (sponsored by Vince77)

Animation already available in early access for our 10$+ patrons.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

General Cliff

New singular character for the renegades area. 
Our 10$+ patrons can watch his standing animation in early access with buttons to change his facial expressions.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mecha spirits

The other day we were having some beer with team and this idea came to us.

Mecha spirits!

Elana could find some old technology that allows her to turn the spirits into robots, the spirit of lust could be some kind of robotic suit and once all of them are turned they could transform into some kind of... Megazord!

Then Scylla could have gigantic friends to fight with. The possibilities are endless!

Chapter three is going to be AWESOME! Pew! Pew! Sprunghsh!

By the way next Friday it's going to be a month since last release and we are going to publish a version (with some story images and such) but since this month we've been working on the management of the tavern too we'll do another release one week after to have enough time to release something playable on that part.